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Identité remarquable

Identité remarquable refers to a mathematical equation that we often learn as children during algebra lessons. Translated into English the term literally means "remarkable identity". As crea-tiff is all about daring to be different, this title is perfectly suited to describe the effect that the jewellery creates: that of making the person who wears it stand out, be unique and break free from both conventions and taught rules. Wire, spikes, ceramic beads, chains, baroque pearls and even fringes of organic wool recuperated from a Swiss carpet weaver were used to create unusual head wear, jewellery, corsets and even a jacket.

Photos 1,3 and 4,5 taken for Institute Magazine, photographer: Katherline Lyndia, models: Leane Arrigo and Sei-Yun Parkhair: Dimitri Dorard, make-up:April Oustinovitch, stylist: Aymeric Futol, retouch: Svetlana Ivanova

Photo 2 taken for Her World fashion magazine, Vietnam, photographer: Katherline Lyndia, model: Kerstin Cook Miss Switzerland 2009, make-up: Maquilleuse Professionnelle LE Aline, designer: Belle en Blanc, assistant: Eric Chieze

  Photography: Sandrine Guiterez

Models: Camille, Delphine, Lucie

Photography: Michael Hoch

Model: Catherina Hoch

Back stage photo for Her World magazine, Vietnam

Photography: Katherline Lyndia

Model: Larissa

Make-up: Maquilleuse Professionnelle LE Aline

Hair: Romain Couderchon

Photography: Katherline Lyndia



Photography: Erdogan Özdemir

Model: Gaelle Eyamo

Hair: Liliana Ereira

Makeup: Malika Make Up Artist


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